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The candidate does not have to leave the country. For holders of canceled visas who are already in the UAE, it is possible to extend their visas. Visa holders who have canceled their visas can extend their visas for an additional 30 days, without having to leave.

Customers who need to change their existing tourist visa to a tourist visa in a single day can use the Visa Change Package service. 1 Month UAE Visa Change Cost varies the travel agency you opt to change the status of your visa. Visitors don’t need to leave their country to avail the visa package. Customers don’t have to wait long to get their visa approved through the visa change process.

30 Days UAE Visa Change Package

Disha Global Tours within the country change package allows you to extend your 1 monthly UAE Visa Change Package without leaving the country. You don’t have to go through the tedious procedure of leaving the country and returning when you can easily change your status without having to leave the country. You don’t have to wait in long lines at the airport or travel to Oman by bus.

Disha Global Tours offers a variety of visa packages that can be used to change visas. This is a hassle-free, more relaxed method to do so without leaving any country. When it comes to the 30 Days Visa Change package cost, you will get it at a reasonable price.  

Documents Required For 30 Days UAE Visa Change

We require supporting documents for both the parties Visitor and the Guarantor.

Visitors’ Documents

  • Passport Copy for the visitor – Both first and last pages. Valid for at least six months after the date of application.
  • Clear passport-size colour photo with white background.

Guarantor’s Documents

  • Passport Copy: Both the first and last pages are valid for at least six months after the date of application.
  • Copy of U.A.E Residence Visa Copy for Guarantor with minimum three-month validity.

Note: This is not applicable in case the visitor does not have a guarantor in the U.A.E.

Talk to our Travel Experts on +971 529714983 or +971 4325 8000 or contact us to find out more. You can now reach out to us on Whatsapp on +971 529714983 for the same.

Terms & Conditions For 30 Days UAE Visa Change

  • Visa applications will only be processed after all the required documents and payments have been received.
  • Ensure your documents are not forged. If they are, strict action could be taken.
  • Apply for your Visa at least 5-7 days before you arrive. It will take us 5 working days to receive your visa. The approval may take 2 additional working days if the application is on hold with Immigration.
  • Although a visa is valid for 60 days from the date of issue, we recommend that the traveler enters the country within 15 days. A fee of $35 should be charged for travel after 15 days
  • Travelers whose visas are already issued and could not travel due to uncertain reasons, a penalty of $70 will be charged from the guarantee.
  • For Travelers with visas that have already been issued but are incompetent to travel because of undetermined reasons, a penalty of $70 will be charged
  • A guaranteed amount will be used without notifying the tourist if he does not leave the country by the due date confined.
  • In addition to the immigration fines, USD 30/day will be deducted from the guarantee amount as an overstay fine.
  • A security cheque will only be refunded if we can verify the traveler has left the country on our Online System.

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